4th of July Content - 5 Ways Interactive Content Can Help


The whole country unites on the 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day, but while most people have the day off, it is a perfect time to put interactive content to work.

Creating content surrounding current events and holidays is a great way to strike a chord with your consumers, and with the 4th of July just around the corner, its time to start thinking about what content you will use this year. Here are 5 ways combining interactive content and Independence Day will allow for a successful campaign:
  1. Contests made easy: Interactive content makes running a 4th of July themed contest much easier. For example, lets say a clothing company runs a photo contest to see who shows their patriotism with the most style. An interactive voting campaign makes it easy to allow the users determine a winner and can be followed up by a call to action. This campaign can easily shared by the company and by the contestants, who will be inclined to send the campaign to their friends to have a better chance at winning. Interactive contests are a great way to leverage both user content and user opinion to generate buzz and come away with consumer insights.
  2. Themed Content: If you are sharing content on Independence Day, you’ll want to stick with the theme of the day, which means lots of red, white and blue. Additionally, depending on your company’s target, you can include relevant media corresponding to barbeques, parades, fireworks, etc. A large part of interactive content is the visual appeal of the interface, and any campaign you create can easily integrate the theme of the day to further engage your audience.
  3. Consumer Insights: While standard content can get good attention on a national holiday, interactive content will as well (if not better) and on top of that it will allow you to come away with insights into the thoughts of your consumers. Lets say you have an interactive campaign that lets people vote on their favorite fourth of july cuisine, and one food type runs away with an incredible percentage of the votes, then if you’re a grocery chain you can make sure those items are right at the front of the store.
  4. Increased engagement: Going interactive on the fourth, will allow your audience to further engage with your content. Instead of the passive content that others will be sharing on the fourth, you can have content that is fun and lets them give their opinion, creating a dialogue rather than a one way street. 
  5. Generate Leads: Let the interactive nature of the content take on some of the lead genereation responsibility. By adding a call to action either before or after they take in the content, you can get information from people who want to learn more or see more content. You can increase your success by requiring sign-ups before people can enter a contest your running.

Conclusion: The 4th of July is a perfect time to engage a large audience of people, and there is no better way than to use interactive content mediums. The fun and sharable nature of interactive content makes it perfect for a day where people around America are celebrating their countries Independence.

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