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In 2016, we have seen the rise of brands, publishers and agencies using interactive content marketing strategies to reach their marketing goals. Companies are moving away from the static content marketing strategies only drive interactions with customers one way. They are now utilizing different, creative, engaging forms of content marketing strategies, which is which leads us to interactive content marketing.

So what is interactive content marketing?

Interactive Content Marketing gives marketers the opportunity to achieve their marketing goals specifically around content and engagement, in a much easier and faster way. It gives brands the opportunity to fully understand  customer sentiment by creating a two-way dialogue between their users and themselves.

Interactive content marketing types such as brackets, quizzes, polls, & interactive infographics are awesome ways to create highly personalized marketing campaigns for your indivual customers. They allow your customers to engage, share and truly enjoy the content you create. 

In a world where there's always new advancements in technology and marketing strategies, users are constantly looking for new ways to consume content. This makes it difficult for current marketers to reach new users while maintaining the attention of their existing, loyal customers. 

Interactive content makes it easy with the following:

Better Engagement:

Instead of passively consuming content such as blog posts, webinars, guides and eBooks that drives one way communication, users are looking for content that is fun, engaging, highly personalized, that enables them to convey their opinions and share their experiences. With exciting content and visuals, companies can easily engage a larger number of consumers at the same time, and let them participate in their content offering. 

Higher Lead Generation:

Interactive content is a great source of lead generation. Marketers can simply create a call to action and ask their users to register before they can consume the content. In general, users who are looking for more information about topics they care about or want to learn more about don't hesitate in giving some information via registration forms. Also, marketers can run brackets, polls and quizzes as sweepstakes campaigns and offer prizes and giveaways in order to incentivize users to take part in their campaign. According to content marketing institute, interactive content marketing converts 70% of the time, compared to just 36% of the time through static content marketing. 

Increases sales and revenue:

Once marketers generate qualified leads, they can easily download the data through interactive marketing campaigns and align it with their sales strategies. Once marketers have the leads and data they can use analytics to know what they customers are looking for, and can send highly targeted emails and promotions about their products and services and increase their sales and revenue. 

Meaningful Consumer Connections:

Interactive content helps marketers create campaigns on topics that their users are passionate about. By providing users with the content they care about and asking what they think about it, marketers can generate deeper and more meaningful relationships with their customers. 

Easy to Measure:

Interactive content makes it easier for marketers to track, measure and report valuable customer information and learn from how they are consuming the content. Page views, conversion rates, website traffic and content interactions can be easily measured through interactive content marketing.


Interactive content marketing is the future of marketing. Stay ahead of your competitors by keeping your customers engaged and entertained with content that easy to create and track. Utilize interactive content to further your marketing goals today!

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