5 sweepstakes advantages for your campaign you need to know

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The importance of marketing for your company is huge. It is the backbone of your organization that helps you and your brand to connect with your consumers and grow your sales. In any business, big or small, you generally have a marketing budget set to create marketing campaigns with different goals such as creating a new customer base, generating market buzz for your brand, or providing a new experience for your audience. If you want to achieve these marketing goals in a much faster and engaging way, then you should consider running a sweepstakes campaign.

So what exactly are sweepstakes campaigns?

In sweepstakes campaigns, prizes or giveaways such as cash prizes, discount vouchers, merchandice and more are given to the chosen winner or the participants after the campaign is over. It can be run either on your website or social channels like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

There are many advantages of running a sweepstakes campaign to achieve your marketing goals. Some of the important sweepstakes advantages are as follow:

  1. Keeps your audience engaged: The most important objective of running a marketing campaign is to drive audience engagement so they get to know your campaign and your brand better. Sweepstakes campaigns are great at driving engagement as they incentivise your audience to take part in your campaign through prizes and giveaways. There is a strong motive for your audience to engage with your campaign through these extrinsic rewards (like winning a prize). Sweepstakes campaigns also make your campaign more fun and exciting for your audience, leading to more engagement.
  1. Builds a stronger brand to consumer relationships: Sweepstakes helps you and your brand build a stronger relationship with your customers. Through prizes and giveaways, your audience gets hooked on your campaign and wants to learn more about your brand. By giving away prizes, providing them with new experience, appreciating their participation in your campaign, and writing a post about the winners, we've seen brands generate more loyalty and build a better brand to consumer relationship.  
  1. Create market buzz: This is one of the most important sweepstakes advantages. It is a great way to easily and quickly gain market buzz for your product. Users are excited about the campaign they entered or the prize they might win and they want to share it with their family and friends either through word of mouth or through social media. As more and more users learn about your campaign, the more they learn about your product and your brand as well. This helps marketers generate higher market buzz for their product and their brand.Marketers can also work with influencers who relate to your campaign to generate more buzz about your campaign. They already have a huge followers and can easily introduce your campaign to their followers.
  1. Achieve marketing goals: If your marketing goal is to drive more traffic to your website, or generate emails or to create a new customer base, sweepstakes campaigns can help you easily achieve them. Audiences want to learn more about what your company has to offer and hence visit your website to learn more about it. You can also easily integrate registration forms in your campaign to generate emails and reach a new customer base.
  1. Cost effective advertising: Sweepstakes are also a cost effective way of advertising your product and your brand. Sweepstakes campaigns where participants can submit photos, posts or any other information about the product can be used as advertising.


Apart from these advantages, there are many more sweepstakes advantages that helps you achieve their marketing goals and can do wonders for you and your brand. Though creating a sweepstakes campaign seems easy, it is not. Marketers usually make some horrible mistakes that lead to an unsuccessful campaign. Check out some mistakes marketers make when creating and executing a sweepstakes campaign. Do not worry! We at Votion can help you create amazing sweepstakes campaign that your fans will love and care about. Let us know your goals and strategies for your campaign and we would be happy to help.

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