5 Ways Interactive Storytelling Will Better Your Marketing Campaign!



Once upon a time, in a modern age, in a galaxy not so far way, there was a marketer who was desperately trying to revamp his digital marketing strategy to maintain his loyal, existing consumer base and encourage the arrival of a new customers. But our marketer was fresh out of new ideas; he stared at the blank documents filling up his computer screen, the empty Twitter outreach page and his dry fingers that couldn’t even hold the top of a pen anymore.

In his darkest hour at the end of the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, he flipped through the never-ending pages of Google until he came across a page bathed in golden light.



“Votion.co? I wonder…” He whispered to himself in the shallow darkness of his grand office.

He opened the golden page to reveal fresh new ideas for storytelling for marketers all over the world. Interactive approaches that would guide him and his brand to success with increased customer engagement, higher click-through rates and better customer understanding.

Here is how our marketing hero and how you can supercharge your content marketing strategy with interactive storytelling:


  1. Open up your story with an attention grabber!

Start off strong with an interactive attention grabber like a StackUp or a MatchUp. It will quickly entice the reader to keep going through your content because their attention is already engaged with that interactive game. It will also tap into their curiosity, making your consumer wonder what the following content has to do with the fun, little game they just played. Allow this small interaction to introduce the content you are about to blow your consumers’ minds with!


  1. Keep your consumer engaged by adding little games throughout your story!

Giving your customers something to interact with throughout your lengthy content maintains their attention so they get the absolute most out of your content. The goal of storytelling content is to engage and educate consumers about your industry, products, brand, etc. So you want to make sure that your consumers have a good take-away after reading your literature, the only way to accomplish this is if the consumers don’t skim and absorb all the information they can. To lessen skimming and to increase absorption, utilize interactive content pieces to further articulate your story and maintain your consumers’ attention. 

  1. Articulate your main points!

Usually when we create content we want our consumers or clients to fully understand and recognize a couple of key points. Like a summary slide during a power point in a lengthy lecture, an interactive component can summarize those main points and even quiz its readers on them. This guarantees that your consumers fully comprehend what it is your trying to get across without much effort on their part.


  1. See what your customers have learned or liked with a game at the end!

In order to keep creating better, more personalized, customer-focused content you are going to have to know what your customers liked and disliked about your existing content. At the end of a blog post try putting in an interactive list to see what your customers want to see more of or less of in your next post. Create a StackUp to see what your customer loved about this post and what they could see a little less of.

  1. Provide a super charged call to action!

At the end of your article, blog post, video or other marketing content you want your consumers to head back to your website or check out some of your other amazing content. So how about placing an interactive call of action at the end of your piece to let the consumers actively participate in your content and then be directed to your site’s main landing page? Maybe ask them to get involved in a cool new bracketing campaign you’ve created or maybe just ask their opinion on this or that product with a StackUp or have them reorganize your interactive list placing their issues at the top of your priority list. These interactions will allow the reader or viewer to see your highest priority: the customer. It will also give you the needed feedback you’re looking for, while also directing them back to your site and furthering your site’s outreach. 


Now that our marketer has changed his content marketing game forever, by finding the hidden success in interactive storytelling, he can now live happily ever after and so can his brand.


Start building your story by learning more about how to enhance your content marketing strategy with our blog!

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