Best of the Best: Highlights of March Madness 2017

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March Madness 2017 is over and UNC have been named the champions! As happy as we are for UNC, every college basketball fan can't help but be disappointed that all the fun is over. So, as we say a silent farewell to one of the greatest sports festivals of all time and start the countdown to March Madness 2018, let’s take a minute to remember some of the most memorable moments from this year’s tournament.

Here are Votion’s top highlighting moments from NCAA March Madness 2017:


Florida’s Buzzer Beating Win

When No. 4 seed went up against No. 8 seed Wisconsin, fans were treated to one exciting and passionate game. The ending was probably one of the most nerve-racking and close games of the season with the two teams tied at 83 points. In overtime Florida’s comeback was concreted with a 3-point shot scored by Chris Chiozza right at the final buzzer!

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Luke Maye’s Game Winning Play

This game between North Carolina and Kentucky was a tight one with Kentucky able to tie up the game within the last 7.2 seconds of the game. But North Carolina wasn’t going to let that be the end of them, Luke Maye stepped into save the day! North Carolina won the game by 2 points and continued in the tournament.

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Duke Brings Home Disappointment

Duke lost pretty early on this year to a pretty lower seeded team, South Carolina Cockies. Duke was ranked as a No. 2 seed for the tournament, but was kicked out of the tournament in round 2. Despite being a betting favorite among fans, experiences bracketeers and novices alike, the Blue Devils fell short of everyone’s expectations and probably (most definitely) made a few fans cry with frustration.


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Wisconsin Badgers Put On Their Glass Slippers

The Wisconsin Badgers seemed to be incredibly underrated from the beginning of the tournament. They proved time and time again, before and during March Madness, they were a force to be reckoned with. But it wasn’t until Nigel Hayes stole the win from favorite and top-seeded team, Villanova Wildcats, in round 32. He closed the game within the last seconds with one of the best plays of the season reminding everyone to remember the Badgers.

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South Carolina Slipping into The Final Four

No one expected it; expert bracketeers may have fallen off their chairs when this team became one of the best in the tournament. Throughout the season they struggled and just before the tournament began they lost 6 of their final 9 games. The odds were definitely not in their favor, but something must have clicked since this team proudly beat out every team they were put up against…except the Gonzaga Bulldogs. But still!




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