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Here at Votion we love our clients and all that they do. So in the spirit of March Madness, we are showcasing our favorite live bracket campaigns we've helped put together and are out now! Check out any of these live campaigns and participate or get some really cool inspiration to design your own bracket!

Pearl Jam Madness

Pearl Jam Madness has returned! Compete against Jeff Ament and other PJ fans in the 2017 NCAA March Madness tournament. The grand prize winner will receive a bass guitar signed by Pearl Jam!


ChicagoInno: 2017 Tech Madness Bracket

This year ChicagoInno is hosting a Tech Madness Bracket where they featured 64 of the best Chicago-based tech companies and start-ups. They’ve just finished round one and engaged over 25,000 votes! Now it’s on to round two, which ends March 16th and the bracket’s sweet 16 will be decided!


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92Y and MSNBC: 7 Days of Genius

92Y and MSNBC have paired up to create the ultimate showdown between 32 of the most influential and genius women in history! Genius is split up into four categories: Leadership, Science & Technology, and Arts & Health. The Finals end today, naming one woman the champion.


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National Wildlife Federation: The Final Fur

 Come celebrate National Wildlife Week by voting for your favorite species competing in this furry bracket! Through participation you can learn more about each species, their habitat and how National Wildlife Federation protects them. The winning species will be decided on March 17.


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Proven Winners: Shrub Madness

This is the only bracket that puts shrubs head to head and you get to pick the number one shrub or hedge out there. So take a minute and go ahead and vote for you favorite plant and maybe learn a bit too!


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US Apple Org: Apple Madness

Everyone has his or her favorite type of apple, whether it’s based on color or taste and now you get to help name the king of all apples!


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Save Texas History: 2nd Annual Texan Tournament – The Ultimate Battle of Texas Pride

Help celebrate Texas History Month and choose the top Texan in history. You have 64 famous Texans to choose from and you have the chance to win a bundle of Texan themed merchandise, memberships and gift cards to prove just how Texan you are!


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Aunt Millie's is pitting some of our favorite foods against each other! You get decide what your favorite sports snack is and which will beat out the other competing foods. 
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