Best of the Notable: The Most Notable March Madness ’17 Ad Campaigns

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Here, at Votion, we usually do the "best of the best". However with this year’s March Madness ad campaigngs we decided to do the "best of the notable". Some of these advertisements are downright awful, but they have struck up a following on social media and real critique from fans and other marketers. These following 4 ads are definitely ones to be remembered, whether its for good or bad reasons.


 1. Buffalo Wild Wings

 This commercial, “Number 7”, is at the top of the list simply because it fails in a very crucial part. Any player in any basketball game or tournament can’t legally wear the number 7. We can see that there wasn’t a branding issue here because the player is wearing an authentic Louisville jersey, which means that as long as there wasn’t a player name on it a legally permitted number would have worked out. Ah BWW it was a good try, but at least you still make pretty good wings.

Check out the ad here!


 2. LG

 This television marketing campaign titled, “Game Changing” features popular college mascots utilizing LG products in order to make the big game day the most successful. They’re also partnering with Capitol One for the Final Four Fan Fest where fans can rally through interactive experiences with LG TV’s and technologies. LG is staying relevant this year without annoying everyone, allowing them to have an ad campaign worth remembering.

Check out the ad here!


3. Sony

The interactive “boss button” on the March Madness page is a way for men and women of the work force to watch the March Madness tournament and work on their brackets while at work. It sets up a new tab on your internet server, allowing you to switch pages to a more “serious” looking page complete with graphs, slides, excel streets, inboxes, etc. so that when your boss walks by you can appear to be doing the work. But the “boss button” will present you with information that acts as an advertisement for Sony’s PlayStation Vue streaming service. The “boss button” debuted in 2006 with other sponsors and now is worshipped by brands everywhere.


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4. Capitol One


Capitol One has had its hands in the March Madness pocket for a long time. But this year they’re outdoing themselves with a TV ad campaign circling around “Snakes on the Plane” puns and references. The popular commercial is called “Steaks” and features Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee and Charles Barkley.  Yah, Capitol One is pulling out all the stops for this year’s March Madness with celebrities, wit and maybe too many puns.

Check out the ad here!


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