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The week of Valentine’s Day is the week of love or pain, depending on where you are in your significant relationships or life in general. But either way it’s a week of a great stories; “The worst gifts you were given on Valentine’s Day”, “How you met your soul-mate”, “Your grand master plan to get back the one that got away”, etc.

Telling these entertaining, inspiring and love-packed stories requires not only decent language skills, but also an “it” factor that draws in audiences and keeps them engaged until the very last line. Whether it’s a popular John Legend love anthem or a Disney “Happily Ever After” story, every love story told has to have that “it” factor to continue to engross their readers, making them want to listen, see or engage with the love story over and over again.

 So why not give that “it”, engaging factor a little bit of an extra edge and make audiences actually participate in your love story this season? Make them part of your adventure into love and happiness or pain and lingering loneliness and therefore increase their interest and tap a little bit harder into that empathetic part of their personality?


Introducing Interactive Storytelling:

Interactive storytelling is a marketing strategy that allows you to tell your full story without the threat of skimming, boredom or clicking onto the next story. It accomplishes this task by incorporating small challenge or mini games throughout your story to maintain audiences’ interest and promote their participation within your own story.

This, in turn, drives up customer engagement, betters customer experience and furthers the relationship between you and your audience by making it more individualistic.



Imagine a love story where your audience member could actually help you or the protagonist make decisions within the story. They would be able to reshape the plot, the ending and provide their own advice in the process.

What if there was a love story that revolved around a NCAA March Madness styled bracket of couples and audiences got the chance to predict that certain couples will end up together or break up?

Or maybe you get the opportunity to tell your love story in it’s entirety and you end your tale with an interactive Match Up that asks the reader if they would stay with your main man after he made you watch every Transformer movie on Valentine’s Day.

Want to better your (hopefully) fantastic love story? Try ending your story with an Interactive List that allows your audience to prioritize what they want out of their relationship or what they took away from your story.

Interactive storytelling allows your love story to have that “it” factor this February without being buried in the countless other “Awwww”, over-the-top, love stories out there. It allows your voice to be heard and understood to it’s fullest potential while also allowing your audience to be active and begin their own personal relationship with you and your story.


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