Creating a Facebook APP ID

This is a helper document for Votion clients looking to connect their campaigns to Facebook for native social sharing.

  1. Head to and either login or create a new account
  2. Once logged in, hover over My Apps and click on Add a New App
  3. In the dialog that opens up, click on the basic setup link
  4. Enter a name for your new app and choose a category, then click Create App ID
  5. Next, configure the Facebook app to work for sharing on the domain name that you will be hosting the campaign on. You just need to add "" in the "App Domains" field on the settings page.
  6. That's it for facebook settings! Copy the new APPID that was created for you and add this to the Facebook AppID field in Console
  7. Next you'll need to login to the Votion console, edit the bracket, and then specify the URL of the page the you want to be shared which is your page that you embedded the bracket on.
  8. And finally, scroll down the Basic page, and you'll find Banner Image field where you'll want to upload the image you want to use within the share.

That's it! And as usual, email with any and all questions. We're here to help!

Craig & the Votion team

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