Creating Your First March Madness Bracket


There are a lot of nuances, complications and details that surround creating a NCAA bracket; whether it’s the vocabulary, the numbers or the research creating your first bracket can be a frustrating process.

So, for all you bracketology foreigners, here is a step-by-step guide to creating your first ever March Madness bracket:


1. Research

You can’t start any project without a bit of research. Building your own NCAA college basketball bracket is no exception. Check out what experts are saying and no, this does not include your roommate who watched one men’s college basketball game three years ago. Go on the NCAA website, watch out for Selection Sunday, become friends with your uncle who’s favorite time of year is March and now, you’re finally figuring out why.

Try not to be swayed by your favorite teams, players, coaches or the college you attended or are attending. Think logically and pay attention to previous upsets, seedings and pre-season games. 


2. Gather Your Friends

Everything is more fun when beer and friends are involved right? Try getting a group of people together to participate in your bracket, whether it’s friends or family. It will be more fun comparing predictions and more rewarding when you’re actually right!

Make it even more interesting by adding a little bit of money into the process by betting on your chosen teams. Hopefully you’ll impress your friends and come home with a few extra bucks.



3. Build The Bracket

Now that you have done your research and have supportibe friends by your side you can start building and filling in the blanks in your bracket. Make your life even easier by doing it digitally. Votion can host your digital bracket for you or you can host it on your own site, you can send it via email to participating friends and have it accessible on any device anywhere.

Create a stylish name so people know this bracket has only one amazing creator. Then add in your teams, you can even mix things up by plugging in different forms of media like videos, images, and even animated gifs. Make it live by setting the times it’s open and then enjoy the tournament and filling in your bracket at the click or tap of a button. By the end, no one's going to guess this is your first bracket. 

building bracket.gif

4. Throw a Victory Party

Congratulations you have created your first NCAA March Madness bracket! We couldn’t be more proud of you and either could that estranged uncle we mentioned earlier. Now taste sweet victory! Not the sweet victory of filling in the perfect bracket, that’s never been done in the history of NCAA and is practically impossible.

No, taste the sweet victory of creating your first ever March Madness bracket! The world of bracketology welcomes you now with open arms. Take a seat, watch the games, eat some pizza and enjoy the convenience of checking your digital bracket anywhere and any time you want. 


Start creating your first March Madness bracket today by clicking below!

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