Fantasy Sports and eSports options now available


Fantasy sports and eSports have exploded into the scene in the past few years. Regardless of the campaign type, choosing the right platform to power your campaign is a very important consideration both for the short and long term. At Votion we now have a powerful platform that is being leveraged to power various Fantasy Sports and eSports campaigns for a variety of our clients. Here are some options our platform offers for this space:

Spectator Mode Brackets
Spectator mode brackets enable campaigns where competitors are set up through our console and real world events determine the outcomes. Clients can manually advance competitors based on their offline results or based on things like online gaming results. Clients can leverage our built-in scoring algorithm or can hook into our custom scoring or real-time scoring modules based on their needs for particular campaigns. 

Custom products
We've built a variety of custom products powered by our backend platform for specific campaign needs. Get in touch if you have a campaign idea but don't see a great off the shelf fit with our existing suite.

Custom Scoring
While the Votion suite comes with a pre-built scoring algorithm that works out of the box, we also offer custom scoring that gives clients control over the score for each round of play. Scoring can be set up to match round based or campaign based goals.

Real-time scoring
For campaigns needing instant or near real time scoring options, we can enable one way or two way syncs via API calls to and from any available scoring system. This enables competitors to advance as they do in "real life" and automates the entire scoring and competitor advancement process.

Custom Leaderboard
Leaderboards work out of the box but we also have a variety of options for customizing the results, look & feel and fields available for public consumption.

SSO & Registration system integration
Many of our enterprise clients require SSO and/or custom registration options. We've built a very flexible architecture that enables our clients to leverage any type of user or demographic information to be collected, and we offer a varity of hooks into 3rd party solutions (including via APIs for in-house data stores on the client end) for registration and sign on. 

If you are looking for a very strong, relabile partner to help power your fantasy sports or eSports campaigns please get in touch. We'd love to hear your ideas and see if there is synergy.


Craig & the Votion Team

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