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 NCAA inspired March Madness brackets appear to have only one target audience that is typically dominated by male sports fans. So how can marketers utilize bracketology within their marketing strategy to guarantee sucess and simultaneously reach a larger set of demographics?

March Madness inspired brackets can reach other demographics if the content they surround an existing and personal interest for different audiences.

For example ABC’s The Bachelor created it’s own bracket challenge that allowed participants to predict which women will be the final chosen one and get the engagement ring. This is a March Madness inspired bracket that advertises the popular reality show and targets a completely alternate demographic: hopeless romantics of all ages.


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In 2014, Coca-Cola began an “Advertising Icons Bracket Challenge” which pitted the most infamous Coca-Cola advertising spokes people against each other. Some of the contestants included Santa Claus, Sprite Boy and the Polar Bear. This allows fans of pop culture, advertisements, entertainment and history to participate in a bracket that circles around their active interests. The campaign was met with great success with heightened brand engagement and a fun activity for customers to enjoy and come back to.


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Last year, Purina Pro Plan launched their first mobile-ready Westminster Kennel Club Dog Bracket Challenge. Participants were be able to predict which breed will make it to the top and have the chance to win $1 million. This bracket challenge entices and encourages dog lovers, dog show participants and other canine enthusiasts to participate in a bracket challenge that has nothing to do with sports.


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Even bracket challenges that center around other sporting events like The World Cup, the NHL or women’s college basketball tournaments break the narrow and thin walls of what bracketology is supposed to be used for. By encouraging more participants, other than American male sports fans, the world of bracketology can be expanded.

This means that brackets can be utilized for any form of media, any genre of entertainment, any form of advertisement or marketing strategy and thus making the possibilities truly endless.

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