Who is greatest of all time? Music edition!

As things heat up for #MarchMadness around the USA, we wanted to "eat our own dogfood" for once, and capture what you all think is greatest of all time (otherwise known as the ever popular term...GOAT!). This time around, we're capturing feedback on what the greatest musical act of all time is.

Choose from Rock, Pop, Rap and Other categories to crown the champion. And most of all - have fun!

ROCK Region
The Beatles  VS Led Zeppelin 
The Rolling Stones  VS Pink Floyd 
U2  VS Grateful Dead 
Pearl Jam  VS Metallica 

POP Region
Maroon 5  VS Prince 
David Bowie  VS Michael Jackson 
James Brown  VS Lady Gaga 
Madonna  VS Whitney Houston 

RAP Region
Eminem  VS The Notorious B.I.G. 
Jay Z  VS Nas 
Tupac Shakur  VS Dr. Dre 
Snoop Dogg  VS Ice Cube 

MISC Region
Ludwig van Beethoven  VS Zac Brown Band 
Dixie Chicks  VS Miles Davis Quintet 
Muddy Waters  VS Bob Dylan 
Carl Cox  VS Bee Gees 



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