Interactive Ads - The Future of Advertising


It is clear that interactive advertising is going to be an essential component of the future of advertising world. Both digitally and in print it furthers the customer’s engagement with not only the product but the brand as well. About $60 billion was spent on digital advertising in 2015 and the number is supposed to grow with the 2016 global mobile market already surpassing $100 billion in spending and counting for only 50%of all digital ad expenditure.

With numbers like that advertisers are going to have to up their game, get creative and find new outlets to attract new consumers as well as maintain the attention of their devoted followers. Votion interactive ads can be the answer.





To continue driving up engagement, customer loyalty, and daily site viewers, brands need to personalize and individualize the customer experience they offer. In order to achieve that, brands and their advertising teams need relevant data about their consumers, their interests and what pushes them towards a purchase. Interactive advertising technologies provide this data while improving click through rates, personalized experience, and re-targeted ads.



Votion offers ad technologies that capture and access customer sentiment and preferences in real time. Their interactivity allows the brands to access relevant data about the consumer in a fun, different, exciting way.

This allows the brand to create more content-based advertising and marketing tactics that are specialized to the individual consumer. This in turns showcases the brand’s appropriate priorities revolving around the consumer and also provides a unique way to engage the consumer.


Click Through Rates

More clicks means more potential consumers for a brand and their products. Native advertising involving some element of interactivity to promote a higher level of engagement can have up to a 60% higher conversion rate for the campaign.


Re-Targeted Advertising

According to an Infographic found on Agency Post, 58% of consumers stated that online advertisements aren’t relevant to them. Why would you click on an ad that pops out of nowhere and has nothing to do with your interests or who you are? The short answer is that you wouldn’t.

Instead advertisers should utilize the sentimental data provided by interactive advertising platforms to re-discover who their audience is and what makes them the right audience for their brand. With this information allow your advertisements to blend into their natural habitat of whatever content the consumer already has an active interest in. Allow the data to help you in creating a personalized, relevant ad campaign that will encourage viewers to have a new interest in your brand and products.






It is already clear the digital advertising on multiple platforms through multiple channels is where the world of advertising is headed. Customers are going to have greater expectations and want to be thoroughly convinced by advertisers when they are looking to purchase a new product. In this fast paced world with it’s ever growing creative possibilities, don’t be left behind or repeat mistakes. Find a way to be unique, individualized and encourage engagement for your consumers and find that way through interactive advertising.


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