Introducing Internationalization options, post-action email capture & more (Product Updates - 4/18/16)


Learn about new internationalization options as well as our new post-action email capture feature.

Internationalizaton Support

Today we are pleased to officially announce our support of Internationalization for our platform. Clients now have the ability to run campaigns in any language and have control over the specific elements within campaigns that need translation. All aspects of the campaign may be translated, including descriptive copy, competitor information, navigation elements, call to action buttons and more. And the set up process is very easy - clients simply either run our default translations or provide us with custom translations for any language they'd like to run the campaign in.

Why now?

At Votion we strongly believe that fun, engaging products should be available to anyone, anywhere, on any device and in any language. That's why we've made a deep committment to both device support as well as language support. As we've grown we've had the wonderful experience of working with international brands, and as such have often built custom translation options for clients. As of today, we're now offering this powerful feature set out of the box for all clients. 

Example translation in Spanish
In the screenshot below, notice the entire campaign is translated to Spanish. 


For existing clients, we're excited to see what you come up with! And for new clients, get in touch if you'd like to learn more.

New Email Capture Feature

We also released a new feature for Brackets where after all matchups have been voted on, a "Sign up to be notified of the next round of voting" message is shown as a dialog box, along with the share options.


Other Updates

We rolled out some new optional features for Brackets, including:

  • Ability to show vote counts in real time for competitors (once they have been voted on by the current user)
  • Ability to show vote percentages in real time for competitors (once voted on)

Currently these are handled behind the scenes by us, so just ask if you'd like them turned on.

That's it for now! 


Craig & the Votion team

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