Today is the day, the day we've all been waiting for. The big dance is here and all of the basketball Cinderella's are putting on their glass slippers and their ball gowns. NCAA March Madness 2017 has finally arrived. So those of you have been researching, studying and obsessing over the men's college basketball for the last few months, watched the pre-season bracket show and started preparing your own drafts of your bracket months ago you can finally enjoy an actual March Madness game today!

The sports tournament starts off today at 3:40 PM Pacific Standard Time with a match up between New Orleans Privateers and Mount St. Mary's Mountaineers. Who will win the first game of the season? Be sure to tune in TRU TV or be ready to stream the game on any of your mobile devices to see who will win the first match up. 

Best of luck to all your brackateers out there! To the newbees who are still learning the ropes of bracketology, there's always "beginner's luck" and the whole point of bracketing is to have fun and prove your the smartest and most clever out of all your friends. So don't forget that.

Happy March Madness! And as that chick with the crazy pink hair once said in "The Hunger Games", "May the odds be ever in your favor!"



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