Announcing Matchups!


We are so happy to announce our latest product is now live! Matchups are a very fun, very easy to set up campaign type that enables you to generate interest and gain input within seconds. Check out a live example:

Ready to try Matchups and already a Votion customer? Here's a quick step by step guide to help you get started:

  1. Log into Console
  2. Across the top you'll now see a new tab for Matchups - click that
  3. Create a new Matchup - Matchups have 2 competitors that are used within the campaign type
  4. Enter your Matchup title in the Campaign Title field - this can be a question, statement or call to action. Keep it short and sweet (under 100 characters if possible).
  5. Enter competitor names
  6. Enter competitor images. Our initial launch supports images only right now, so go ahead and upload images. The default widget comes out at 336 pixels wide, so images that are 150-200 pixels wide will look great in the product. We also do a full bleed size as well if you want to go full screen, so we'd recommend you play around with sizing until you get exactly what you need. Check out the same matchup as above but in a different size here on our examples page.
  7. Once you are done, head back to your Matchups Dashboard and you'll be able to grab your embed code.

That's it! It's really simple. Hope you enjoy our new this versus that matchup format! Ping us with any questions!

Craig & the Votion team

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