My First Bracket: A Coming of Age Story


This year I created my first NCAA March Madness 2017 bracket. Now, I would like to start this out with an introduction to myself so everyone understands what a challenge this actually was.

I have never had an active interest in sports and the closest understanding of basketball I had before this March Madness season was when I played with my middle school team where my dad was the coach. And I was benched. A lot.

So here I am, the girl that knows literally nothing about basketball, professional or college level, making her first March Madness bracket. I thought the process would be torturous, boring and challenging. It was only one of these things and it was also fun.

I decided early on, after research and some guidance through Twitter, that Kansas University was going to win it all. I didn’t really know anything about Kansas, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I went against my better judgment to pick University of Oregon, despite it being the chosen university of some of my good friends and a very cool mascot.




Everyone likes ducks, they’re cute and you can feed them bread.


Instead of a paper bracket I created a digital bracket, it’s easier and can be sent through multiple channels and accessed through any devices. I streamed the games and checked in on my bracket, which was going better than I had anticipated until Saturday, 3/25.

On that fateful day I watched my chosen team over the edge of a glass full of pale beer in a crowded bar full of Oregon fans. They lost by 14 points and while what most would deem an entertaining game it was only a game of tears for me. My bracket was officially busted.

But throughout the experience I got an understanding of a part I previously only pretended to pay attention too. I made unlikely friends and got passionate about something I didn’t think I could get passionate about. It was fun, it really was.

So if you’re watching the March Madness craziness, witnessing your friends and family become crazy basketball monsters, rolling your eyes in the corner of the room as the TV rages on, try participating next year. Next year create your first March Madness bracket because even if you lose $5 or your pride when your bracket gets busted in the first round you are going to learn a lot about a new sport. You will become excited about something you’ve never been excited about before, you’ll experience something new, meet new people and actually bonding with them.

March Madness is for everyone. Bracketology is for everyone. Even if you used to get benched a lot when your played on your middle school basketball team.


So go ahead, create your first digital bracket. Check out our plans and pricing below!

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