Personalization is KING


Personalization is the guiding light to modern digital marketing. If the marketing world were a young King Arthur, personalization would be Excalibur. If the marketing world were a group of Jedi’s, personalization would be the way of The Force.

Now that I’ve gotten marketers, history buffs and geeks alike attentions, here is why personalization is the key to success for the digital marketing world:



Personalization replaces face-to-face interactions. Digital personalization has made the digital marketing experience an open and beneficial exchange between a big brand and its targeted audience. While the brand can’t show up at every clients’ door with a basket of the clients’ favorite cookies, they can make their digital experience stronger and more enjoyable for the client. They can do this by asking after the clients’ top priorities, analyzing these needs and wants and then meeting or surpassing the expectations of the clients. They can also do this by being present and accessible at all time, through multiple channels for their clients’ convenience. All of which betters the audience’s experience, increases engagement and guarantees their return to the brand and the brand’s digital site.


Personalization shows you really care. By utilizing data, marketers can showcase to their audience and competitors just how good of listeners they are. It shows that they not only care about building and stabling their existing audience, but that they genuinely want to know how to make their clients’ experience with their brand better. Utilizing analytics shows that the audiences’ happiness is the top priority for the brand and that audiences’ feedback is essential to their overall business survival. This, clearly, is going to improve the brand’s image, reputation and likely their overall success. Personalization simply shows what should already be the highest priority for any business.


Personalization makes it easier for audiences to filter info and brands. With the abundance of information accessible through the Internet consumers can get overwhelmed. They can get lost in the countless pages of information, especially if they’re not sure what kind of product or experience they want. Personalization techniques make it easier for them because it tells them that this brand already knows what they want, how they want it and what kind of person they are. Consumers, now, almost expect this from modern marketing campaigns. According to, their research showed that personalized emails resulted in 14% higher click through rate and 10% higher conversion rate!


Personalization makes your consumer target smaller. With the power of customer feedback, analytics, interactive content and interactive advertisements brands gain a complete understanding and therefore a “control” over their targeted audience. They can better relate and comprehend just who their targeted audience is and/or should be. What demographics it consists of, what they want, what their dislikes and likes are, what holds their active interest now, etc. This allows marketers to create not only better, but also more tailored content and marketing strategies. In turn this generates more success for the brand and a more enjoyable experience for the participating audiences.


If personalization isn’t your secret key to the mysterious garden of success then you are without a secret key and possibly without a map to lead you to the garden. Let’s change that! Make personalization your guide, your Force, your Excalibur. The numbers, the expectations and the general feedback prove personalization’s power and modern authority, now all you have to do is follow it.


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