Polls: Single Select vs. Multi Select

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There are two different types of polls that are currently used throughout the digital media space. They are “Single Select” and “Multi Select”. You are probably more familiar with Single Select as these are the types of polls you typically see in Twitter or Facebook.

But we’re going to go through both types, each of their advantages and disadvantages are so you can see if an interactive poll is the best marketing tool for you and if so which type of interactive poll will work best for you. 


Single Select Polls:

In these polls participants are only allowed to pick one item in a list of two or more.

These are beneficial if you want something quick and easy for you consumer, where they really don’t have to think and just pick based on their “gut feeling”. This means that the decision is an honest and true one, giving brands and publications real feedback and insight into their consumer base.

These polls are perfect if you, as a marketer for a brand or a publication, are looking for one answer or opinion. If your question is a "yes" or "no" or only has one answer like "Who do you think will be the next to die on 'Game of Thrones'?". 

The downside to these polls is that they are pretty common. You’ll see them all over social media, whether its Twitter or Facebook or even Pinterest. These single select polls are everywhere because of how simple and convenient they are.


Multi Select Polls:

With these polls participants are allows to vote for more than one item in a list of two or more.

The main benefit of this poll is that it offers brands and/or publications more access to their audiences’ opinions. Marketers can ask more detailed questions and receive more detailed, beneficial answers. For Example, “What are you 3 favorite characters from 'Game of Thrones'?”

These polls are convenient and easy as well, but take about 10 more seconds than the Single Select polls. This may be the only downside to this form of polling and has the potential to not attract as many consumers as the Single Select poll.


Polls can be used to increase engagement, click-through rates, and better customers’ digital experience; no matter what form of poll it is. So whichever type of poll you decide you are guaranteed some marketing success.


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