Votion Product Updates - 5/25/16


We're released many product updates across our interactive content suite. We've outlined these below, including screenshots and live product demos.

Matchup Updates

  • We've been asked by customers for an update that provides more stickiness, engagement and time on site with Matchups. So, we added in an option to display a "Vote Again" button after a user votes. To leverage this feature, simply go to the Matchup Basics tab and you'll see a flag that if set to True, enables repeat voting:
  • Screen_Shot_2016-05-25_at_7.37.51_PM.png
  • We've also updated the user interface to make it animated after voting and displaying the results. It's a lot more elegant. Some may call it slick :)
  • We've updated the product to respond faster even under very high loads. 

Give it a try:

Stackup Updates

We launched our MVP a couple weeks back and already have received very valid input. One realization we had was that we already have some great, personalized information on swipe from people participating in StackUp campaigns, so why not personalize their post-swipe experience? With that in mind, and a goal of enabling a huge lift in driving post-engagement actions, we've added two components:

1) A call to action for each piece of content in StackUp that can be used to prompt the user to take further action (i.e. Add to Cart, Buy Now, Learn More, etc.) and
2) A custom url that can be used as the link portion of the call to action (i.e. sending users to a product deeplink)

Here's a screenshot of the controls in Console (under Stackup Competitors tab):


And here is a screenshot of a sample CTA with a custom offer:


We are particularly excited about the potential this update has for helping our ecommerce customers drive conversions. We'll report back with findings as soon as we can.

Bracket Updates

What haven't we updated this time around?? We have a ton of new controls available to you. These flags are some of the more common questions we get around customizations, and while we had the framework setup to handle all of these, you didn't have full control over the settings. With the latest release of Votion Brackets we've given you control over the following items:

  • Coming Soon Messaging
  • Force Registration flag
  • Show Signup Flag
  • Show Current Round flag
  • Show Vote flag
  • Show Percentage flag

All of these updates can be found in the Bracket Basics tab in console. Here's a screenshot below:


Go ahead and give these updates a try and please let us know what you think! 

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Craig & the Votion team

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