Votion Product Updates - 6/10/16


Updates to Interactive Polls and Matchups are live! While we've been moving very fast on new product development as well as existing product feature add-ons, we've also been standardizing how all products work from a workflow standpoint. For both Interactive Polls and Matchups we have added the following features:


  • Added scheduling options for coming soon as well as campaign completed modes. 
  • Options include the ability to set a live timeframe for engagments to happen (voting in the case of both products)
  • As well as include custom messaging for the pre-live or coming soon mode - this is a great time to drop in a call to action to be notified upon launch, for example.
  • And post-live or completed mode. Completed mode is a great time to drop in results of the campaign

Here are a couple screenshots of the console options:



We will keep you updated as we continue to push out new features!


Craig & the Votion team

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