Votion Product Updates - 6/21/16


Votion product updates 6/21/16 

We've made some great updates to our product suite, including:


Updated helper videos for each product are now live - you can see them in the sub-nav of console by clicking the "Quick Start Guide" link



  • We now support single-vote poll types. In the past we only supported a 1-N voting option - meaning you could vote for one or more competitors in a poll and then submit your votes. Now we offer a 2nd option - single vote - where on the first click of a vote button the vote gets submitted. Click here to try it out!



  • Ability to change vote delay interval - for hacker / bot detection we have a vote submit delay in place. This is now customizable - ask us if you would like your default changed
  • Enhanced mobile UX by moving matchup above birds eye view


  • Added a loading icon used while the images are loading in the background
  • Customizable post-engagement text now available
  • Image optimizations 


We'll keep you posted as we launch more updates! 


Craig & the Votion team

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