The Awesomeness that is Interactive Email


According to Campaign Monitor you are 6x more likely to get a click-through from and email than a tweet. When it comes to making purchases because of receiving a targeted marketing message, according to the DMA, email has the highest conversion rate (66%) out of all the digital media platforms.

Email marketing is obviously necessary when establishing the most success for a digital marketing campaign. But what if we could make an already amazing marketing strategy even more awesome?

Adding in interactive content into your email marketing campaign can increase customer engagement with your brand, educate customers about new products and provide a platform for useful customer feedback that you can use to make your other marketing campaigns better.


Try placing a StackUp at the end of an email, inviting your customers to share their opinions while also informing them about your newest, coolest products. The end of the little interactive game will hold the magic call-to-action button that will guarantee your customers return to your main landing pages. According to Campaign Monitor, by including a call-to-action button instead of a text link in your outgoing email you can increase your conversion rates by as much as 28%.


Or how about enticing your customers with a bracketing or StackUp or polling campaign that includes a coupon or price-deal on their next purchase? So you can make their email subscription to your brand worth the time and effort for both you and the customer.


Invite your customers to participate in an NCAA inspired bracketing campaign, allowing them to compare your products, concepts or ideas two by two. This lets your customer participate in an ongoing event where they can root for their favorite products or concepts. Keep them coming back to check in on their favorites and guarantee their return to your brand and your site.


Think a StackUp or bracketing campaign might be a little too much? Well what about introducing a MatchUp at the end of your email that simply asks if the email was helpful or not? If most of your consumers didn’t like your newest email marketing campaign you can have them re-organize an interactive list so they can place what they value most out of the email marketing experience on top. This will allow you to re-create your email marketing campaign the next time around and guarantee it’s higher success rate.


Marketing has become a field lead by personalization. The more individualistic your digital marketing campaign is the more sale leads you will obtain. Email marketing is no exception to this. According to Aberdeen, personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversion rates by 10%. This personalization revolution can only be produced by specified, relevant data provided by analytics.

To obtain that relevant data include a clickable game that offers the customer the chance to reveal his/her specified opinion on any subject. With this piece of interactive content imbedded into your email you are easily obtaining information about your consumer relevant to building your future marketing campaigns. Stay ahead of your competitors by making the customer digital experience you offer the best in your industry by making it more personal and thus more relevant to your individual customers.

Be bold, be different, be awesome by being interactive. Find out more about how to make your emails more clickable with Votion's interactive content today! Click below to start your free trial!


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