The True Beauty of A MatchUp


A MatchUp is a truly beautiful thing. It shimmers and shines like no other interactive marketing platform. The way it engages consumers in a fun way with varied content thrown up against each other. The way it directly asks for customers’ opinions, offering marketers true, specified customer sentiment. The way it wraps up so seamlessly with the necessary and focused call-to-action. *sigh*

But MatchUps are more than their looks and their grace. It is a MatchUp’s ability make the purchasing journey for your consumers easier that makes them so special. They let you compare products or concepts so your consumers don't have to.

When a consumer makes a purchase, they want to be reassured that what they bought is the best possible version of that said product. They obtain this reassurance through active research, through comparing different brands, styles, prices and products until they reach their final decision. By the end of this tedious journey they are satisfied they made the best possible choice and can have pride in their purchase.


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According to the second annual Major Purchase Shopper Study conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank, 81% of consumers go on a brand’s site before going to an actual retail store and spend an average of 79 days researching and comparing products before committing to a major purchase.

In another study by RetailNext, two thirds of surveyed customers made a purchase only after involving multiple channels in their research and actual purchase process.

So what if marketers took the hard part away? What if they took the hours of research out of the buying process for their brand’s most loyal customers? In a MatchUp or a series of MatchUps to make up a bracket, marketers can offer their brand’s biggest fans the chance to compare multiple offered products. This would then narrow down the options that the customer has to choose from and quicken their steps, leading them more directly to that final purchase.

A MatchUp could potentially even take out the hours (or 72 days) of research from the buying process by having a side-to-side comparison of different brands, products or concepts. According to same study conducted by RetailNext, 22% of consumers spend more at a retail store if they are digitally influenced. A MatchUp could be that digital influence swaying the consumer towards one brand or another.



By making a strenuous purchasing journey relaxing and convenient, marketers can not only drive up their sales but also increase their customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Make the choice easier for your existing customers as well as newcomers; make it more fun, more unique, and more engaging with interactive content. Better your content and the experience for your customers and ultimately change the way the buying process works with MatchUps.

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