Votion Product Update - 3/29/16

We've just pushed some new updates to console and are proud to announce the following are now live:

Console Updates

Real time stats module is in place for Brackets
Real time stats? Yes please! In console we've made a large update that now enables real time viewable stats for Brackets. We've migrated the matchup list page that some of our clients have used in the past into this new module, and it's available in the Bracket Dashboard in console. The stats available include votes per competitor per matchup, and tabs for each of the rounds.
Facebook AppID integration is in place
Ahhhh...facebook share! Due to the volume of quesitons we received around Facebook share integration we've updated console. We now use Facebook's Open Graph for rich social sharing within Facebook. To allow the Votion applications to share on behalf of your hosting page, your hosting page needs to be registered in Facebook as an app. Follow the instructions in our blog post to create your Facebook App and AppID. NOTE: If the AppID is not available, we will default to the older Facebook Sharing API that has more limited functionality.
Created date is now available for every product
This was bugging us internally so it may have been bugging you. So we simply added a created date to each product to help you keep tabs on all of your campaigns more easily.
Updated Help section
We had some old info in there - sorry about! It's fresh and clean now!
Keep tabs on Updates
This one was easy - we added a link to our Product Updates blog (which is what you are reading right now) from Console to make it easy to keep tabs on our progress. We typically release feature and product updates weekly, often more frequently.

Major Updates

New Product - Matchups!
If you missed our huge announcment, make sure to check out our post about our this versus that Matchup product going live. 
New Product - Spectator Mode Brackets
And if you missed that you may have missed our other update when we launched Spectator Mode Brackets. Check that out here
That's it for now! Thanks for checking in!
Craig & the Votion team

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