Votion Product Updates - 10/21/16


Votion product updates 10/21/16 - announcing Email builder version 1, host url's for all products, showcase landing pages, delete competitors option & more!

In case you missed it last time...Interactive Lists are now ready!

Check out how Wikia is using it here (or click below)



Now, on to new developments!

Email builder version 1 is now ready

We're doing more to make your lives easier to build out engaging interactive content campaigns. As such, we've added a new "Promotions" tab to each Votion product workflow in Console that will house all aspects of campaign promotion. To start, we've added an Email Channel integration.

With Email builder we let you enter HTML content and upload an image that you want to be included in your email message, and then have a "Generate Email Embed Code" button that generates HTML email code that you can drop into any email platform.

This is an early release, so let us know if you find any issues, or have ideas on how to make it better. We'll soon be adding one-click Facebook & Twitter builders as well.

Other Updates

Host URLs & Showcase Landing Pages now live for all products

In our effort to provide you with the best user experience possible, we've included the option to include a "host url" into any product. What this means is that now if that field is filled in - which you can find in the 'Basics' tab of Console - your users will be redirected to that url. In most cases this will be either your website, a landing page, or Facebook.

If that field is not filled in, we're now sending users to a new showcase landing page. This new page is a controlled experience that sizes the product experience window to the optimal size for the campaign. Here's an example:



Delete competitors is now live

Many of you have asked for this feature (thanks for doing that!) and we've now included the ability to delete competitors from campaigns once they are created. You can do this for Polls, Lists & StackUp currently. 

That's it for now - please send over any feedback you have, and we look forward to seeing your campaigns in the wild!


Craig & the Votion team

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