We Are Saved! Interactive Content is The Cure to Skimming


Most written content is actively created and actively chosen by consumers. But most of that of content doesn’t encourage active engagement and only be enjoyed passively. This passive enjoyment causes some serious side effects like high bounce rates, lower click through rates, a consumer’s drooping head or a lengthy sigh and, in the worst cases, it has been known to cause failed content marketing strategy. These side effects lead to the common but dangerous ailment called: Skimming.

Skimming: When an active Internet user or digital content consumer is drawn in by a attractive title of an article, video, image or infograph, but then disappoints themselves, the content creator, a marketing team and a brand by skipping all of the relevant information, except those few lines in bold, quotes, color or larger text, until they reach the end.

*Known to cause boredom, lowered attention span, lessened retention rate, and lack of understanding for patient.

Luckily for Internet users and digital content consumers all over the world there is a cure for Skimming and it is “Interactive Content”.


It counters the side effects of Skimming in three easy steps:

Encouraged Participation

Interactive content allows participants to challenge themselves and their friends in a fun, light entertaining way. It allows them to choose their favorite options in a category, predict winners and losers, voice their opinion and compete against themselves as well as their friends. Through brackets, interactive lists, Stack Up’s and Match Up’s, participants can actively click through the content, take on a role within the content, build a relationship with the products and brands, and engage with the brand in a fun way.


Relevant Sentimental Data

The second step of this 3-step-cure to skimming is simple. It creates relevant, specified data for marketing teams to further understand who their consumer audience is and what they are looking for in a customer experience. From this data they can tailor their content to focus on individualized consumer demographics and gain insights on how to better their marketing strategies.




Better Content

From the specified data gained in step 2 marketers can create better, more personalized, content that will truly wow and impress their consumers. Every element of the marketing content created will be more relevant and tie in more cohesively with the consumer’s existing interests. This increase in personalization will generate more and better leads than ever before. So not only will this remedy the Skimming illness it will also prevent it from ever coming back!




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