What does a Match Up have that a Bracket doesn’t?


If you are looking to create a Match Up you might be wondering what the point would be exactly? Why create a single Match Up when you can create an entire bracket of Match Up’s, the more Match Up’s the more engagement, the more click through’s, the more guaranteed return of the customers to your site right?

While all that is true and part of what makes brackets so amazing, Match Up’s can be pretty cool too. Here is what a Match Up can do that a bracket only wishes it can do: 



Match Up’s require less of consumers’ time because it doesn’t require them to vote in multiple Match Up’s or watch as the bracket progresses. But this platform still has the same benefits for the customers as a bracket has. Whether those benefits include offered prizes or the simple chance for them to offer their opinion.


More Potential Participants:

A Match Up may attract more consumers because of the fact that it is a lesser commitment than a bracket. With a Match Up you don’t have to create an account or check back in over and over again as you would or would want to with a bracket. This convenience may attract more consumers who are simply scrolling through social media and happen across your Match Up or are already perusing your site.


Easy and Convenient:

Match Up’s are binary, which means there are only 2 competitors. This can make it easier for people to want to participate and actually vote. With brackets there are multiple different Match Up’s which might be too much of a commitment for some consumers. One Match Up required 1 vote and appears more like a single poll, similar to one you would find on Twitter or Facebook.


So if you are looking to create an interactive marketing campaign that revolves around the bracketology concept without the actual bracket. The Match Up is for you!

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