Why Stack Up's Work


What is a Stack Up?

Stack Up’s use the basic “swipe right to like” strategy first established by dating app, “Tinder”. Brands can put any form of content into a Stack Up format, from products to concepts to personas, and have their customers swipe right or left to offer feedback or opinion.

Now, that we’re all up to speed, lets get back to the title of this piece. Why do Stack Up’s work? Here are the top 3 reasons why Stack Up’s should be included in you next interactive-content-based digital marketing campaign:


Mobile Friendly:

Just like the popular “Tinder” dating app, Stack Up’s are tailored made for mobile devices and as most modern marketers know becoming mobile friendly is the name of the current marketing game. Brands and customers can access a Stack Up from anywhere at anytime. This is a convenience for both parties and increases the potential engagement of customers, simply by always being accessible.


One Swipe:

With one easy swipe, brands can learn exactly what their clientele is looking for in their digital experience with the brand and what kind of products or ideas these participating clients favor. The actual movement of swiping left or right is so simple and widely socially acknowledged as a positive or negative action; it is incredibly effortless for consumers to participate. It will take those consumers 10 seconds, but in that 10 seconds brands are able to unlock a wealth of analytics and information about their target audiences and how to improve and expand upon those audiences.


Call to Action:

Similar to as if a dating app is telling you to take your latest “match” on a date, Stack Up’s are embedded with call-to-action’s that encourage consumers to go buy a product or return to the brand’s main landing page. After participation within the Stack Up, consumers are lead seamlessly back to the landing pages or information that really matters to better their experience and eventually lead them to a well thought out purchase.


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