Wikia Drives Massive Engagement With Interactive Content - Learn How


With interactive content marketing gaining momentum in 2016, many brands are taking advantage of it by creating content on topics that their fans love and care about to driving more engagement. One such brand is Wikia, who has been  driving engagement huge on their website by leveraging interactive content.

About Wikia

Firstly, let's talk about who wikia is. Wikia offers a free wiki hosting service that allows communities to build wiki pages (think wikipedia) for their favorite movies, tv series, video games or any other type of media, and allows them to go into far more depth than what would be available on Wikipedia. For example, if you’re a huge fan of Game of Thrones, and you want to learn more about different characters or discuss with other fans about something that came up in the latest episode, you can go to wikia and do just that. This allows for the development of large communities of fans that frequent the wikia pages of their favorite shows, movies, games, etc.

Role of interactive content

Fans come to their favorite pages to consume content from their favorite shows, but at the end of the day, reading huge chunks of text can get dull regardless of how big of a fan you are. This could mean people start going elsewhere to get content that is easier to consume like a detailed YouTube video. So to combat that, wikia switches up the content to interactive content types to build a more engaging experience for their visitors. This content also leads to more sharing for these pages, which is huge for wikia who relies heavily on ad revenue.

Examples of How Wikia Uses Interactive Content

  1. The Fandom wikia page used Votion's Interactive Polls to create an E3 Game poll and see which games were crowd favorites.  After thousands of users engaged and voted in the campaign, they named the soon to be released Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game the “Game of Show.” ScreenShot2016-06-24at3.53.53PM.png
  2. The Fandom page also made use of interactive brackets in April to when Captain America Civil War was nearing release. Their bracket tournament allowed for fans to vote on their favorite Avengers of all time, and saw massive engagement throughout the rounds. After gathering 64 superheros and pinning them up against each other, they saw over 200,000 votes over 6 rounds.ScreenShot2016-06-24at3.50.45PM.png
  3. The wikia page for Game of Thrones also made a bracket that had 32 characters from the show and had fans vote for their favorites. After 5 rounds and thousands of votes, Jon Snow was named the winner; but the contest did have surprises. The comment section on the wikia page was filled with people exclaiming their surprise that certain characters beat others. 


These are just a few examples of how wikia has been able to use interactive content to maximize their engagement and reach, but the usefulness of interactive content as a change of pace to your standard content campaigns can be of huge value to your overall marketing success.

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